Environmental Projects at Alan Baybutt & Sons, Moss Lane, Hesketh Bank


467 Moss Lane, Hesketh Bank, Preston, Lancashire PR4 6XJ


Heron and ducksAt Alan Baybutt & Sons Ltd, we care for the environment and take measures to ensure our farming techniques do not damage or harm the environment.

We have sown less productive areas of the farm with wild bird mix which helps create a favourable habitat for farmland birds as well as many other wildlife species.

We have also sown less productive areas of land with a mixture of pollen and nectar wild flowers to encourage bees and other natural predators.

Boundary areas around each field are specifically left as wild areas to protect the grasses and plants growing as well as the animals and insects that live there, as well as protecting the crops from adverse wind conditions.

Swans in lettuce field

Barn owl boxes have been erected in woodland adjacent to farmed areas to provide a nesting site for Barn Owls.

On farm Wind Turbine at Alan Baybutt & Sons, Hesketh BankENERGY SAVING

In early 2012 Alan Baybutt & Sons Ltd began generating power on site through the building of an 11Kw wind turbine. This is forecast to reduce Co2 emissions by 13 Tonne per year.

Our vacuum coolers are now powered by mains electric rather than diesel generator saving fuel and creating fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

New automatic lighting which turns itself off when a person leaves the room has also been installed.

Efficient modern tractors with GPS guidance are used to avoid excessive runs along the field thus saving fuel.


Rain water is collected from glasshouse roofs and stored in our reservoirs for when required to be used for irrigation. Other irrigation sources are from sluices which are level controlled by the Environment Agency.

Irrigation application is done through booms which give the crop a precise and accurate dose of water. Irrigation takes place when possible during the evening when little water is lost through evaporation.


Fertilizer is applied using modern application techniques in regularly calibrated machinery.

Tractors are equipped with GPS guidance to reduce overlap and increase accuracy of application. 'Tied' ridges are used in wheeling’s to avoid nutrient loss from run off which helps avoid watercourse contamination by nutrients.

Regular soil analysis and agronomist advice is used in order to calculate correct amounts of nutrient for application.


Automated lettuce packing on a rigOur investment in the latest packaging equipment has resulted in our 'cling film' polypropylene packaging being reduced by 7.34 Tonnes per year.

When practical and available plastic trays are used as final container packs. If cardboard packaging must be used then boxes containing 57% recycled paper are used.

Waste plastic, cardboard and metal is sorted for recycling by outside contractors.

rows of lettuce at Alan Baybutt and Sons Ltd


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