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Seasonal jobs at Alan Baybutt & Sons

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Local Services and Information


Village Shops Hesketh Bank 1 mile away
  Tarleton 2 miles away
Town Shopping Preston 10 miles away
  Southport 10 miles away
  Liverpool 25 miles away
  Manchester 40 miles away

Bus Service
The nearest bus stop is about 1mile from the farm. From here busses go to Southport or Preston. From the bus stop in Tarleton (2 miles) – go to Liverpool, Blackpool or Preston.

Southport to Liverpool (40 min) or Manchester (1 hr)

Internet: Internet access is available at Tarleton Library

Local Web Links:

Tarleton & Hesketh Bank


North West England

Seasonal work

Alan Baybutt & Sons Ltd employ staff from many nations, including many from eastern Europe who are given work placements through Concordia.

The various types of seasonal work are listed below:-
Crop cutting, Crop Packer, Tractor Driver, Harvester Operator, Crop Planter & general agricultural tasks.

Hours Worked

Hours of work is very much dependant the growing season but an average of 40 - 50 hours per week can be assumed. Work is generally available 7 days a week but if you wish to take a day off then this will be on a Monday or Tuesday, worked on a rota basis. Please note that work cannot be assured - unusual weather conditions do occur and the harvest may be either early or late and of a different duration than that anticipated.

Rates of Pay

Most work is done by piecework i.e the more you cut, plant etc the more you earn each day. The amount you earn on piecework will fluctuate depending on orders and crop availability. It is advisable that staff make the most of busy periods to make up for quieter periods of work.

Variations in earnings are inevitable and your expectations
of your UK earnings should reflect this and be realistic.


Accommodation is based on mobile homes that each sleep four or five persons.

Bedrooms: Each bedroom has two beds along with individual wardrobes for storing personal belongings. Suitable accommodation for couples can be made available if requested.

Kitchen: The kitchen contains a sink, food preparation area, a cooker and hob, microwave and fridge. A kettle, toaster and all essential cooking pots and cutlery are also provided. A dining table and chairs are also provided. A dining table and chairs are also part of the kitchen / lounge area.

Lounge: The lounge contains comfortable chairs and a TV.

Accommodation is charged as per the National Minimum Wage offset rate and includes gas, electric, water.

Workers must provide their own food
and keep their living area clean and tidy.

Common Room: A separate common room is available for use when required. The room contains washing facilities as well as a freezer for food storage. A number of bicycles are also available for use if required.

Internet: WiFi internet access is available on site but is subject to agreement to our acceptable use policies.

What You Should Bring: You must bring a sleeping bag, working clothes, waterproof clothing and rubber boots. Remember to bring warm clothes as temperatures in the United Kingdom can be considerably lower than most European countries. It is essential to bring at least £100 in sterling or equivalent currency with you. This is enough for traveling expenses and, in the event of your work starting later than anticipated, it will be sufficient to cover your costs until the first pay day.


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